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Why do i keep leaving dA???

Noticed that most of my stuff are sketches here, I will try and work hard on posting some colored stuff. But until then, THANKS FOR VISITING MY PAGE/GALLERY!
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I just noticed, most of my journals are just to tell people i haven't 'died' yet.

nyways, was busy with stuff for awhile, and i'm gonna try and be active in DA again. :D

thanks for checking out my gallery!

I'm also planning to start accepting comissions, will update you on that soon.

Don't write good journals... Sorry.
I"M BOred. Not sleepy, just bored.
As much as i love art and everything about it, i hate taking tests bout them! (I'm not very good with words, you see. essays kill me every time.)
I have one tomorrow for art history and for the pass 3-4 hours I'm still at chapter one.
So yea, it's my fault for um, doing something else instead of studying, but really, its JUST. TOO. BORING.
I'm just ranting here, and "doing something else instead of studying". so it's cool if you'd rather not care for this post.  but thanks for reading though :D
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thanks for visiting my profile/ viewing my gallery!
                              :thanks: :bow: :thanks:
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haven't been active since forever! XDDD
my messages/watches were just overflowing, and i just got them 'cleaned out' now (took me hours!)..
i need to start posting stuff real soon...

anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this/ caring enough to see that i aint dead yet!
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i watched this movie, "The Five people you meet in Heaven" (written by Mitch Albom) tonight and it made me feel like i wanted to 'assess' (or re-assess, whichever fits your bidding..) myself, well.. more like what i've done actually, throughout my life (like mistakes, regrets, the good sides of them...and the bad of course). after watching it, the one thing i had in my mind was, how i wished i read it 3-4 yrs ago when i had the book... :D

soooo.... i wrote this journal to advertise it! if you haven't watched it yet, haven't read it, then do so... of course in your spare time, cuz whatever you have right now, who knows, this might help... all im saying is its a great story... and it really affects you... like it connects to you... and in the end, you might end up appreciating a lot of things, feel remorse over some past decisions, but understand their purpose as well. like what the story wishes to transcend over... :D :star::thumbsup::star:
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so me and my mom went out yesterday for NECESSARY back to school shopping for my little sister. during that day, we passed by a Sanrio shop. my mom was a HUGE Hello Kitty fan that, we just had to go in. when inside, i was surprise to see that half of the cuddly characters there were new to me.

at the front, the first one you see(displayed right in the middle) is a cute black cat named Chococat. this wasn't the reason why i started thinking how Sanrio became dark. and it was suppose to warn me of what to see next. too bad i was too raptured by the kitty's cuteness to notice.

next to Hello Kitty's Shelf was another cat character named Kuromi. I dunno but i think Kuromi is the "my melody" bunny. remember how that bunny wears a bunny hoodie? they just gave her a new black cat hoodie and mascara, creating Kuromi. although according to wikipedia (i always depend on wiki to answer all my questions about the universe and beyond...)she's my melody's rival. all i know is she's cute coz she's evil!

in front of that shelf was a counter full of merchandise featuring another character that seemed to look like a cross between that know-it-all girl that hangs around with charlie brown and little lulu, presenting, "Little Angry Girl". nuff said.

ok so we have halloween reference, evil, angst, and then last but not the least, Gumi bear! :icontobiee:(did i spelled it right?) so Gumi bear is a cute flesh-eating pink bear that drools blood out of his mouth. i think his background story is he's out for vengeance(?) cuz we kept 'decapitating' and 'amputating' his gummy bear friends.... i dunno im just making assumptions. :D

so in conclusion, sanrio's become emo. the end. :bow:

INSERT>> click the avatar, this guy's obviously famous here in dA and i love his style.. his avatar looks exactly like gumi bear (minus the glasses) hence the usage.
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im really kind of in a hurry so im gonna say this quick... *deep breath*


....THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT MY GALLERY! you earn a star.... :star:

old account>>> :iconeliteavis:
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O_O i cant believe i stayed up late just to watch some anime online.... O_O
oh well, it was good though....

yey! my ipod's fixed!! well it wasnt really broken, more like it froze and wont connect to my mac... aftr months of isolation in my drawer ( yes months, without an mp3 player... so sad...) i tried plugging it in aftr finding it (cuz i honestly forgot i had one..) and presto! **angels sing** ~hallelujah!!

other than my stupid apple news, lets move to cherries! Cherry picking! yey! well it was actually more of a cherry buffet to me..(pick and eat) but i enjoyed it! well they had like white small buckets you can fill with cherries you pick and i unconciously got one with the string(handle) all...uh... sweaty and stinky... :puke: (hence buffet mode)...also, WTH CHERRIES ARE EXPENSIVE! (**sigh... ok im good now)...

i havent really done any sketches recently... i can feel my left hemisphere losing it's potency... (i got it right,right? right's logic and... well whatevr! dun wanna look it up, i have man-pride!) T_T

and with all my rants and festiveness, i'll now retire to some opm music.... good nyt!


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Can anyone be addicted to not sleeping early/at all? I dunno why but when i get home i always feel grogy but by 8pm im instantly awake (though my eyes are slopping..)i dont have insomia if that's what your thinking... :sleep:

anyways! I know that there's this meme about making your man/female version of yourself, ( i know im really late but dont blame me! im always the one who gets to know last.... must sleep early..) So actually made me think of my younger years (thought of babies and preggy-ness actually) and asked my mom bout my childhood and stuff the next day, and guess what i learned???

turns out, (being chinese and all the traditions stuff is the best excuse i can think of) my mom and dad actually prepared a guy name for me before i was born... thinking that they were gonna get a "son":lmao:

well sorry to disappoint. Yet if i say so it was a good thing i ended up a girl.. and i know they think so too...(i hope so? lol they LOVE ME!)

oh and i haven't shared my suppose-to-be-birth-name yet... can you imagine me being called Charles Robert? Charles! Robert! :rofl: (good name though... frankly bettr than mine now.. :D)

well this just brings me to the conclusion that art those inspire and stimulates the mind and whatever it does to people... ryt?

Hey! here's an idea, ask your parents what you could have been named if you were the opposite sex! the info's useless but at least you knew ryt? and maybe you can give it to you future son/daughter!! (yey!!!):headbang:

FRIENDS!! **free hugs**
:iconhikkiyumi: :iconaloisius: :iconkinjiru006: :iconearlchoa: :iconxeon17: :iconerica-chan: :icondarkchang: :iconjessiah: ~and more...

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yey new account!! XDXDXD

anyways, check this gallery :iconeliteavis: <<old account